For this year I planed 2 weekends in February of TEST&CLINIC with 5 new 2020 FOIL Boards, and 2 Boards from 2019.

We also had 7 complete new Foils and few Severne riggs. Unfortunatly the FOIL Glide did not make it in time for the event, but I brought a few Convert myself.

Initially it was planed to go the first weekend on LAKE TAAL, but unfortunatly, as all of you know the TAAL Vulcano erupted end of January and the Alert is still on Level 3.

So I did both events in ANILAO, a hystorical Windsurfing location in the Philippines only 2 hours driving South of the capital Manila.

It lays in the Batangas region and is mostly known for diving, but the steady Trade winds (called AMIHAN) are blowind from November to April with 12-25 knots every day.

The water is really flat ans this is the perfect location for Foiling.

My students were all from the Manila region, and some had already some experience with Foiling, and others tryed for the first time here.

Every student was surprised how easy you can learn and progress your foiling skills in a few hours with the rigfht gear&tipps.

Foils like the Super Cruiser make foiling so easy from the beginning, and in combination with the 150 Freeride or the Foil X 145 it makes everybody super confortable from the first minute on the water.

So my mission was acomplished to bring this new part of Windsurfing to everybody, and gave them to understand that they don’t need to use 9 m sails to plane in 10 knots, but a 6.5 and and good Foil gear is the evolution to have fun.

I will be back next year  for another bigger Test&Clinic in diffeerent locations

The Philippine Starboard Distributor (Manfred& Carl Luig)  believe in my project that Foiling is the future of Windsurfing in the Philippines. SEE YOU IN 2021

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